Fast and Stable Hosting. Period.

The option you choose relates directly to amount of cashflow your site generates.

$250/month for unlimited sites/bandwidth/databases.

$100/hour rate for any site work of any kind.

Any type of custom hosting setup can be designed, by booking a phone call to cover your requirements.

Email david@davidfavor.com to book a call.

Ground Rules

  1. When any site consumes 100% of machine resources, the site will be moved to a quarantine machine. At this point a phone conversation is required to determine what’s best, fixing the site or an increased monthly hosting fee.

  2. Support Hours

    • 6AM-6PM, 7x days/week.

    • 7x24 support is available by prepurchase of support hours, for example, to cover launch windows.

  3. Support guidelines

    • If my team breaks something, we fixes incur no charge.

    • If you, your team, or any 3rd party service breaks something, hourly rate mentioned above applies.

  4. Billing

    • Payments accepted from PayPal balance or PayPal processing your credit card.

    • Payments occur using PayPal recurring subscriptions.

  5. Backups

    • We will make backups.

    • You should make offsite backups too.

    • Backup Verification will occur once/month, normally incurring 15-30 minutes billing time, to ensure backups are actually working.